The Arizona Red Cross Communication Club (AzRCCC – K7ARC)

Nets Schedule

AzRCCC holds a net on Tuesdays at noon MST. ** Except During Red Cross Drills or Emergencies **
  • Using the K7MRG VHF repeater – 147.28 MHz (+) PL 162.2, and/or on Echolink – K7ARC-R (on 24/7). This repeater is provided by the Mingus Mountain Repeater Group and is located on a 20-story building near Central Ave. and Osborn in Phoenix.
  • Back up repeater – K7ARC (22nd St. and Camelback) – 146.84 (-) PL 162.2 (Echolink: K0VPL).
  • This will be an informal but directed net.
  • No specific topic or agenda other than AzRCCC/Red Cross communications business. 2 rounds of comments will be solicited.
  • Net control stations may vary. We seek volunteers for weekly NCS rotations.
  • All Amateurs are welcome
  • Following the Net, members are invited to check in on DMR, Brandmeister talkgroup #310480 (CNAZ Red Cross)

Other Nets of Interest to AzRCCC Members

  • RACES Emergency Communications HF Net: Occurs every Sunday at 0730 (7:30 AM MST) on 3.990 MHz. The goal of this net is to establish, maintain, and test communications with all counties in Arizona, particularly with operators that directly support emergency communications in their respective counties. There is a roll call and opportunities for visitors to check in.

  • Southern Arizona Emergency Communications HF Net: Occurs every Saturday at 0715 (7:15 AM MST) on 3.863 MHz, by authority of the FCC and by the direction of the Pima County Office of Emergency Management. This is a directed net, organized to handle emergency traffic and net training. Following roll call, they will open the net for late member and visitor checkins. Break with your call sign at any time if you have emergency traffic.

  • Arizona Emergency Net-Maricopa (AEN-MAR): Occurs the first Monday of each month at 2000 hours (8:00 PM MST) on the MetroLink repeater system. The Monday night nets are for training and exercise in the public service communication arts. The focus is on preparation and readiness for public service – be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. The format is on-air exercises, practice drills, and equipment tests while honing operator skills. Expect to do and learn real stuff. Open to all amateurs. More info at Metrolink frequencies are:
    • Mt. Ord: 146.92(- offset, 162.2 Hz Tone)
    • Shaw Butte: 147.24(+, 162.2 Hz)
    • Scottsdale Airpark: 146.76(-, 162.2 Hz)
    • Usery Mountain: 146.86 (-, 162.2 Hz)
    • Mingus Mountain: 146.82 (-, 162.2 Hz)
    • Daisy Mountain: 448.375 (-, 100.0 Hz)

  • NW New Mexico Digital Net: This net occurs every Saturday at 0900 Mountain Time (standard time or daylight savings time) which is either 9:00 am Arizona Time in the winter or 8:00 am Arizona Time in the summer. 7.120 MHz, USB using FLDIGI with a 1500 Hz offset. Net begins in Olivia 16/1K mode and changes to MFSK64L for sending a bulletin and MFSK64 for a picture. FLAMP is required to receive the bulletin and FLMSG is required to read the bulletin. Be sure to have RxID turned on so FLDIGI will change modes as needed. It is also recommended to turn off AFC and turn on LK in FLDIGI. Check-ins are during the hour prior to the start time of the net. Send CALL, NAME, CITY, STATE, and any traffic (or NO TRAFFIC) using Olivia 16/1K for check-in.

  • Maricopa County New Ham Operators Net: Occurs every Thursday at 1900 (7:00 PM MST) on 440.375 (+) PL 100.0 repeater located on South Mountain.

  • Arizona Traffic and Emergency (ATEN) HF Net: Occurs daily at 1730 (5:30 PM MST) from October 15 to April 14 and daily at 1900 (7:00 PM MST) from April 15 to October 14 on 3.986 MHz. This is a traffic net and part of the National Traffic System. More info at

  • New Mexico Breakfast Club HF Net: Occurs daily at 0630 (6:30 AM) New Mexico time (MST/MDT) on 3.939 MHz. This net works to establish, test and maintain contacts with emergency communications operators in all New Mexico counties as well as areas bordering the state.

  • New Mexico High Noon HF Net: Occurs daily at 1200 (12:00 noon) New Mexico time (MST/MDT) on 7.240 MHz. This net also works to establish, test and maintain contacts with emergency communications operators in all New Mexico counties as well as areas bordering the state.

  • New Mexico Roadrunner HF Net: Occurs daily at 1800 (6:00 PM) New Mexico time (MST/MDT) on 3.939 MHz. This is a traffic net.

Meeting Schedule

  • AzRCCC Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 1900 (7:00 PM MST). Check the ANNOUNCEMENTS listing for any upcoming scheduled meetings.

Arizona Amateur Radio Club (AARC – W7IO)
  • AARC meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Red Cross Building.
  • The AARC also has a VHF net (except on meeting night), every Thursday at 7:00 PM on the K7MRG VHF repeater – 147.28 MHz (+) PL 162.2. An Echolink Connection is also available – W7IO-R.
  • The club also hosts a VEC test session. This is held at the Red Cross Building on the last Sunday of the month, at 7:00 PM. Because of security requirements at the Red Cross, you must make an appointment. Contact Gary Hamman, K7GH at 602-996-8148 or
  • Check out their website at (This site is currently under reconstruction).
  • All are welcome to attend all club activities.